Fayo Adeleye


With a robust expertise in comparative company law, secured credit transactions, labour and employment matters, Fayo has over years garnered experience in matters relating to companies including legal document, regulatory compliance secretarial services. Fayo once led the corporate service group of the Firm of Aina Blankson and in that capacity led the team of solicitors providing solutions to the business challenges of corporations including, without limits, advisory on corporate governance, labour and employment matters, expatriate quota, immigration, residential permits and regularization.

Fayo is present a partner in the Firm Aina Blankson, LP and the team leads of the Litigation Practice of the Firm, with expertise in debt recovery, asset tracking, insolvency, corporate management and receivership, labour and employment matters , Fayo has a natural knack for unravelling most complex litigation cases providing solutions that meets and exceed the expectations of clients. Fayo has acted as a Receiver/Manager in a number of high profile debt recoveries. As an Accredited Mediator certified by center for Dispute Resolution (CEDR) UK, Fayo has a rich experience in meditation and other alternative dispute resolutions mechanism. He is also a member of the panel of neutrals of the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, the first court -connected ADR center in Africa. He is a member of the African Labour Law society South Africa.