Islamic Finance

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Aina Blankson’s specialist Islamic Finance Team encompasses experienced advisors providing both legal and financial advisory services which combine technical expertise in conventional finance transactions with in-depth understanding of the principles of Islamic Finance.

We advise conventional and Sharia-compliant financial institutions, fund managers, financial advisors and corporates on complex Islamic or non-interest finance transactions including Sukuk, Murabaha, Mudaraba, Mu’ajjal, Salaam, Istis’na and Ijara.

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For individuals or entities considering investments in Islamic Finance instruments or projects, investing in a Sharia-compliant manner or interacting with a Sharia-compliant entity, our specialists are fluent in undertaking complex due diligence and documentation requirements, advising on ownership and risk allocation, structuring Islamic finance instruments for capital markets and facilitating access to offshore Islamic investment markets.

We provide representation and advice in resolving disputes for these projects and transactions in accordance with set out Islamic Financing principles.