AB Responsible

...more than lawyering


At Aina Blankson, we believe that societal and business relations are symbiotic, which is why we place Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) at the core of the firm, aiming to maximize impact and ensuring positive long-term sustainability in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Our CSR primarily focuses on Access to Justice and Peace Building and we have over the years made remarkable contributions in that regard.

Someone once famously said that the "business of business is business". We think differently!
As a socially responsible Firm, Aina Blankson through AB Responsible remains committed to justice sector reform, peacebuilding, climate change, and education. In this regard, we continuously maintain a balance between the economic growth of the Firm and the welfare of the society and the environment towards meaningful change.


Our Initiatives

Access to Justice

Peace Building

Climate Change



While we associate with the August 19, 2019 Business Roundtable Statement in Washington DC
which redefines the purpose of a corporation, Aina Blankson has never wavered and
has no intention of wavering in its overall commitment to the larger good.