At AB Academy, we ensure the continuous professional development and growth of members of staff of Aina Blankson towards the realization of a fulfilling career. The training and capacity development of AB Academy is structured along the following lines:

  • Aina Blankson Leadership Incubation Program (AB-LIP): is focused on training and enhancing the abilities of young and talented individuals with intellectual capability, passion for leadership, and commitment for global impact.
  • Aina Blankson Continuous Leadership Program (ABCLP): is tailored to ensure the continuing professional development of Aina Blankson Staff members. It provides high-level training programs to Associates, Partners, Paralegals, and Administrative Staff. The program positions Aina Blankson staff members for continued relevance, excellence in the global market space, and making a difference.

With an already defined career structure, you can determine the speed and rate of your career progression within the Firm.