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In a world increasingly dominated by brands and inventions, where often the most substantial value of a business is based on its intangible assets and goodwill, intellectual property plays a key role in obtaining a competitive advantage.

The right brands will win the hearts and minds of consumers and customers. The right patents will prevent others exploiting your inventions or provide a substantial barrier to market access. Copyright and rights in designs also have a vital role to play.

A cohesive IP strategy, including both commercialisation and enforcement, will ensure that maximum value is obtained from your IP portfolio. Our Attorneys understand your business needs and objectives and have worked with some of the best-known brands, from banks to technology companies, pharmaceuticals to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, to help them realise their commercial goals.

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Our dedicated team will help your business grow by protecting and leveraging your brand, ideas, inventions, innovations and your creative works. We are widely acknowledged for the strength and depth of our full range of intellectual property protection services, both contentious and non-contentious, including in the fields of: patents, copyright & neighbouring rights, designs, trademarks and infringement prosecution.

Our legal teams advise companies of all sizes and in virtually all industries across the life cycle of IP assets, from development to commercialization and licensing through to maturity. We help develop legal strategies to maximise and protect the commercial potential of brands, ideas and technological advances and pride ourselves on giving practical and commercial advice to our clients; we work closely with them to review their commercial objectives and understand how important IP is to their business.

We also have a deep understanding of and advise on a broad range of issues in closely related areas such as e-commerce, data protection, IT contracts, and all types of media work.

  • Registration and infringement actions in respect to trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models, plant breeders’ rights and copyright
  • Advice on counterfeiting
  • Licensing and franchise
  • Assignment of intellectual property agreements
  • Music royalties and publishing agreements
  • Trademark searches and registrability and renewals, recordals and assignments
  • Patent searches, validity opinions, annuities, verification
  • Trade secrets and breaches of confidential information
  • Filing of patents and industrial designs, validity opinions and advice
  • Trademark opposition and revocation/expungement actions