Thinking forward for Africa

...going the extra mile

As a direct response to increasing demand by multinational and indigenous organizations with an Africa focused corporate strategy seeking a truly commercially integrated approach to the provision of legal advisory services, Aina Blankson Africa “AB Africa” assists clients to explore and capitalize on vast opportunities present in all emerging markets located in Africa.

AB Africa is built on the strength of Aina Blankson’s Pan-African network and emphasizes our commitment to a modern and commercially conscious approach to law practice. Fundamentally, it is an extension of the trusted Aina Blankson standards and quality advice.

Whilst Africa offers the world’s highest return on foreign direct investment, it encompasses 54 very different countries with equally diverse business considerations and requisite regional influence and expertise to ensure commercial success.

Our proven network of affiliate firms is strategically positioned across each region of the continent and particularly within the leading emerging markets. AB Africa provides simultaneous access to the full spectrum of advisory services across Africa and with the unified goal of enhancing primary business activities and minimizing risks and exposure.

AB Africa affiliate firms have been carefully vetted and selected for their superior quality of legal services, regional leadership across several disciplines and the strength of their local network. Versed in providing services to multinational organizations and advising on multi-jurisdictional transactions, each affiliate commits to the Aina Blankson standard of excellence, which emphasize communication, consistency, commercial acumen, efficiency, competitive billing and pre-emptive risk management.

The AB Africa affiliates are spread across several Africa countries including Ghana, Gambia, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, South Africa and Mauritius.