AB Corporate Services



Corporate and Commercial - Through the use of our virtual services, our clients are able to access easy and expeditious professional advice and assistance on their commercial and corporate matters. Clients can access readymade corporate drafts and can also review contracts and other related documents.

International Arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution: As a means of facilitating alternative dispute resolution mechanisms through virtual means Aina Blankson enables interested parties to conduct virtual ADR procedures from any part of the world. This product encourages speed, affordability and flexibility.

Sports and Entertainment: With regards to the services of the firm, Entertainment finance advisory and talent representation advisory our virtual services facilitate the drafting and review of management contract, record label contract, agency agreement and other relevant documentations.

Financial Advisory: AB through its virtual services renders advisory services to facilitate access to finance for its clients. The preparation and review of application is made faster and easier through an automated process.

Intellectual property law: Registration and protection of trade marks, patents and copyrights is simplified by the use of ABI technology. The Intellectual property of clients can be easily protected without a need for physical meetings.